Virat Kohli’s appeal – The country needs our support and honesty, Gautam Gambhir also came forward to help

Indian team captain Virat Kohli has appealed to the citizens of the country about the lockdown imposed by the central government to remain indoors and follow the lockdown.

Kohli has also appealed to people to follow the advice of health experts.

In a video released on social media, Kohli said, “I am talking to Virat Kohli today not being a player but an Indian. Everything I saw in the last few days. Crowds of people, people roaming the street. Non-compliance of curfew, non-adherence to lockdown. Seeing this, I felt that we were watching this battle in a very simple way. “

He said, “This fight is not as simple as it seems. That is why I request all of you today to follow social distancing. Whatever direction the government has given us, consider it honestly. Think of how you would feel if someone in your family got this disease due to your carelessness. Therefore our government, our health experts are working hard for this, but these things will be successful only if we become Indian citizens and fulfill our responsibility. ”

He further said, “It is not honesty for my country to take advantage of this situation, to take to the streets to have fun.” I want to see this thing happening together with you and appeal to you to follow the orders of the government. ”

On the other hand, during this epidemic many cricketers, players and organizations have come forward to help. In this series, the organization of former Indian team cricketer Gautam Gambhir is currently helping these needy people who are suffering from the condition caused by Corona Voice.

The Indian government has imposed a lockdown of 21 days in the country due to the corona virus to prevent the spread of the disease. PV before serious. Many players like Sindhu, Sourav Ganguly have come forward to help people in this disaster.

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