TikTok’s Flip the Switch challenge created a buzz among users

TikTok is very much liked these days among the users. Its challenges are also being taken by the users hands-on.

Some time ago TikTok’s Outlet Challenge and Skull Breaker Challenge were also very viral but he was in controversy.

However, TikTok’s new challenge Flip the Switch is safer than both the old challenges. There are usually two or more participants in this challenge.

In this challenge, when the song plays ‘Look, I just flipped the switch’, the participants have to turn the lights to Flip / Swith off. The purpose of this challenge is to disclose the environment around the person making the video or some change in it.

In the trending hashtag #fliptheswitchchallenge, children, couples and friends are seen making funny and dramatic changes. As the number of people doing this challenge is increasing, different variations are also coming to the fore.

The video making app TikTok of Chinese tech firm ByteDance has been a huge success. TikTok has surpassed Facebook and Instagram to record the most downloaded app in the US.

According to Sensor Tower App Analytic Company, in January, people of America have downloaded it a total of 7.7 million times from Google Play Store and iPhone Store.

This was 23.8 times more than the downloads in January last year.

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