TIFF 2020: Get The Hell Out Review

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If one ever imagined what an over-caffeinated film could look like, it would probably be the Taiwanese zombie horror/comedy Get The Hell Out. There is perhaps no better way to describe it to potential audiences than just strap themselves in and enjoy the ride. Suffice it to say that it’s not going to be for everyone, if any of the film’s promotional material is of any indication. While some films have been described as over-the-top, this one is arguably the personification of that, often feeling like a video game. It may be stupid or not make sense but it is in the best way possible as the film was an absolute blast to watch. Though some audiences won’t get it, that fact simply makes it even better.

Meanwhile, many zombie/horror films often have some underlying message behind all the chaos and Get The Hell Out was no different (though it may not always register while watching). This film takes aim at local government and bureaucracy after a mysterious virus turns politicians within the local parliament building into ravenous zombies. At that point, it was up to those who remained to find a way out and it wasn’t until then that the film and the ridiculousness truly began. Those looking for any kind of explanation need look elsewhere. Watching the characters fumble their way out was hilarious to watch as the film certainly did not shy away from violence and a high body count, especially the blood spraying everywhere and on everyone.

What ultimately makes Get The Hell Out work was its performances as all the actors wholeheartedly commit to the crazy premise. They at least make audiences care about these characters and even root for some of them despite the fact that even fewer of them will inevitably survive.

In the end, Get The Hell Out is a classic mindless romp that won’t appeal to everyone but most zombie will be sure to get a kick out of this one.

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