Technology upgrade, FASTag vehicles will leave in 50 seconds

To promote electronic toll collection (ETC), the central government implemented FASTag (Fastag) system. The government distributed freebies in the month of February to increase the use of Fastag.

Now, with the help of Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), the technology of toll tax payment from Fastag is going to be world class.

This will not cause any jam and the driver will be able to pay the toll in 50 seconds. Along with this, the government has upgraded the helpline number for resolution of complaints related to FASTag.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that 1.60 crore FASTag has been sold this week. According to a senior ministry official, Fastag sales have picked up.

Every day about 1.20 lakh Fastags are being sold. The ministry has installed ETC technology in all 544 toll plazas. Its tremendous impact is seen in toll collection.

According to the data, online tax collection of Rs 70 crore (75 per cent) took place every day in February. In the month of July last year, this figure was Rs 19 crore (29 per cent) per day.

In view of the difficulties in toll payment through FASTag in trains, the government has planned to install fastag reading sensor beyond the barrier cabin on the toll plaza. According to a ministry official Fastag is a new technology and there are some problems in implementing it.

Fastag reading sensors on the toll plaza are located near the toll barrier. These sensors are not able to read fastags in time.

In view of this disturbance, the ministry has now directed the sensor to be installed 20 meters before the toll cabin. This will cause the sensor to read fastag before the vehicle reaches the cabin and online toll tax will be paid.

NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) President SS Sindhu said during a media interaction that instructions have been given to place the sensors beyond the toll plaza.

Enforcement teams are implementing it. With the help of RFID, the technology of toll tax payment from Fastag is being made world class.

This will not block the toll plaza and the drivers will be able to pay in 50 seconds. However, he said that the time taken at the toll plaza has reduced since the toll was collected through Fastag.

Earlier toll payment used to take 20 minutes or more.

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