Station 19 (4×04) Don’t Look Back in Anger Review

Station 19 (4×04) Don’t Look Back in Anger Review

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Synopsis: The team responds to a difficult domestic dispute involving a pregnant woman. Meanwhile, Travis struggles to deal with a family crisis, and Maya and Carina’s relationship continues to grow. (IMDb)

After weeks of avoiding the issues of COVID and focusing on the development of the station’s new status quo, finally this firefighter series has a pandemic-centric episode. With Sullivan becoming the latest probie, he’s now at the mercy of the last probie: Ben Warren. This of course starts with a deep clean of the station and Sullivan is lucky enough to get mopping duty. And of course there isn’t any lack of tension in the station with Dean still angry at Sullivan for his addiction and Andy unsure if she can stay away from Sullivan to protect their marriage.

The episode is divided into two main stories: the first is a domestic call that sends Travis, Vic, Ben, Andy and Maya to quite the interesting situation. A pregnant woman; drunk, high or both, is preaching bible verses on her front yard with a baseball bat in hand. She’s maskless of course allowing Travis and Vic to make the occasional quip. Ben and Vic go inside to treat the husband (Ryan Dorsey) who is trying to stitch up a cut on his face. They notice the hoarder mess they live in and all of the drugs strewn about the house. This is a great environment for a child! He also refuses to put on a mask. The situation continues to escalate with many of the team becoming punching bags for this couple until the woman gives birth and finally they can take both of them away.

The second is the news that Marsha has collapsed with symptoms of COVID. Jack rushes to the rescue and brings her and Marcus to Grey Sloan for testing. He returns to the house where Inara starts to breakdown at the thought of losing Marsha and her home. Thankfully, Jack is there every step of the way to ensure his new family is safe and calm. These stories are complemented by Vic’s attempted flirting with a jogger who is revealed to be a Station 23 firefighter, Dean’s constant disapproval of Sullivan, Maya’s nervousness about becoming more like her father and Travis’ confronting his father about his online escapades.

It’s interesting that Station 19 decided to go back to COVID-centric stories for an entire episode. On one side, COVID hits home for one of the team members in a way that may have a lasting impact. Could this push Inara and Marcus to move in with Jack? He already moved in with them, but if Marsha dies they will need a new place. The other story really puts into perspective the range of people’s beliefs regarding COVID (and how that is paired with their other live choices). To make the anti-maskers also a pregnant woman who is drinking and getting high to show her poor life choices is an extension of her beliefs as an anti-masker. It is the series’ not-so-subtle way of aligning those two things to show the audience the ridiculousness of it. Hopefully making that analogy does not cause an uproar for this series, but Station 19 has always wanted to make statements.

Captain’s Log

  • Who will be the first firefighter to contract COVID-19?
  • Will any of the main characters die during this pandemic?
  • Will Andy’s opinion of her late father change the more she learns?
  • When will Dean and Victoria finally confess their feelings?
  • Will Inara and Marcus move in with Jack?

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