Standard of Indian football is getting better: Alan Shearer

English Premier League’s top scorer Alan Shearer on Friday said the standard of Indian football is “showing signs of improvement and better” and hailed the coordinated effort among ISL and EPL.

The previous England commander and Newcastle United incredible took to the turf for a presentation cricket aptitudes challenge against Bollywood entertainer Ranveer Singh, who is additionally the Premier League India represetative.

Head League represetative Shearer stated: “The standard of football in the nation is simply showing signs of improvement and better.

“The Indian Super League and the Premier League are striving to support youthful footballers through competitions like the Next Generation Mumbai Cup and I have no uncertainty India will create world class footballers later on.”

“There is a plenitude of youthful ability in India and community oriented endeavors by the Premier League and Indian Super League will help make ready for youthful gifted players.”

Shearer and Ranveer were joined at the Gallant Sports Arena by youth players from Bengaluru FC, FC Goa, Reliance Young Champs, Chelsea FC, Manchester United and Southampton FC who were here to partake in the Next Generation Mumbai Cup, an occasion facilitated by the Premier League and Indian Super League to help football improvement in India.

Ranveer, who is featuring in up and coming venture named ’83, stated: “The notoriety of Premier League in India has developed significantly in the previous barely any years, and I have had the most extreme joy of assuming the ambassadorial job for Premier League in India so far.”

The Next Generation Mumbai Cup happens during seven days of exercises devoted to youth player improvement as a major aspect of the Premier League’s continuous organization with the ISL.

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