She Dies Tomorrow – Movie Review

If She Dies Tomorrow were a woman, you’d probably do a double take, enthralled by her sheer beauty. But buy her a drink and you’ll quickly realize the beauty is skin deep–there isn’t much depth to this dazzling specimen.

From writer/director Amy Seimetz, this weird yet oddly straightforward horror-thriller has several people infected with the unwavering belief that they’ll die tomorrow. It’s a compelling and unique concept for sure, one with plenty of promise and opportunity.

Visually, She Dies Tomorrow is one of the most gorgeous movies you’ll see all year. Vibrant and colorful, Seimetz experiments with the camera as if she’s splashing chemicals together in real time and we’re watching the reactions spark in glorious fashion on screen. Paired with energetic music by Mondo Boys, the movie is an enriching experience.


As fantastic as the movie looks and sounds, Seimetz struggles to get the story to connect on an emotional level. The characters, led by Amy (Kate Lyn Shiel), teeter on the edge of psychosis (or utmost clairvoyance?), but none are especially relatable or likeable. Are we supposed to care what happens to them? To have any investment in whether their deaths are on the immediate horizon, or merely in their heads? 

I just didn’t care.

Admittedly, She Dies Tomorrow isn’t my kind of horror movie–it’s a little too strange, too esoteric for my liking–and the first 20 minutes really failed to hold my attention. Things pick up from there, but as it inches toward the climax, if you can call it that, it once again loses its grasp. Given its fantastic premise but somewhat nebulous execution, She Dies Tomorrow is a movie that really needed to end with a bang–but instead it concludes with a disappointing whimper.

Some may find She Dies Tomorrow enthralling, but I expect most will fall in my camp: it’s a beautiful if vapid vessel. 

Review by Erik Samdahl unless otherwise indicated.


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