Shaheen Bagh Shocker – The Protest is Already Fixed

New Delhi- A lot has been portrayed by the paid media about the women protesting at Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi. These so called “Patriot’s” are protesting by blocking a “heavy traffic” road, creating troubles to almost 5 lac daily commuters between Delhi and Noida.

Most of the women protesting there even don’t know why they are doing so, and which has been proved by a recent video which has surfaced on Twitter, claiming that these “Patriot’s” are getting free Biryani, Tea and Wages (Upto INR 500-INR 700), for sitting and bringing their families there.

However, Indian Jagran do not advocates about the authenticity of this video.

This is considered as a last strategy by the protesters against the CAA-NRC. After Delhi High Court dismisses plea seeking to open Kalindi Kunj-Shaheen Bagh stretch, says police’s responsibility to manage traffic. The court said that it is the responsibility of the police to manage the traffic and conduct its work.

After this, many “Paid” protesters are not appearing for their “Fixed” shifts, and the roads at Shaheen Bagh are believed to be vacated very soon, giving relief to daily commuters.

[Video Source – Twitter]

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