PS5 Showcase event: How to watch and what to expect

The PlayStation 5 showcase is the latest buzzworthy upcoming event that’s electrified the gaming world with excitement. On September 12, Sony announced that a PS5 showcase is set to take place on Sept. 16, and we’re all pumped to see what games the gaming giant will show off to persuade the masses to purchase the PS5.

Last week, Microsoft finally revealed the price of its Xbox Series X console with a reasonable $499 price tag. With the forthcoming PS5 showcase, the whole world is looking at Sony shouting, “It’s your turn now!”

When is the PS5 Showcase event?

PS5 showcase event in September (Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 Showcase will begin on Sept. 16 at 1pm PDT / 4pm EST / 10pm CEST. According to the PlayStation Blog, the PS5 Showcase should last for about 40 minutes.

How can you watch the PS5 showcase event?


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