Plan of violence on Holi, midnight campaign, 250 arrests so far

Tight security arrangements have been made on Holi in Meerut district. Police have arrested 250 people from different places who were preparing to create a ruckus on Holi.

In view of some chaotic elements that can spoil the atmosphere on Holi in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, SSP Ajay Sahni directed all the stations of the district late Saturday to arrest the suspects. Due to this, the cops tried to raid the people who created a brawl on the festival of Holi.

By midnight the police had arrested 250 people from the district. Police say that many such people have also been arrested, who, during interrogation, have spoken of planning to commit violence on Holi.

The SSP says that strict action will be taken against those who commit violence on Holi. This action has been taken only after scrutinizing the five-year record of those who had been performing Holi.

9 zones, city divided into 31 sectors

The entire district has been divided into three super zones, nine zones and 31 sectors for security arrangements on Holi. The security plan will remain in force till the night of March 12.

The SSP said after the security related meeting on Saturday that six ASPs, eight COs, 40 inspectors, two company RAFs, four company PACs and 1400 other police personnel have been put on duty in terms of security.

Holika Dahan will take place at 1421 locations in the city and countryside. Seven places have been considered as susceptible and 48 sensitive places.

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