Much Bolder Second Term In Narendra Modi Leadership?

Exit polls in India have a patchy track record.

Polling has been off the mark in two of the last four general elections in India, so nobody should assume that the final results, which will begin to be available later this week on 23rd May, will necessarily follow the pattern of the exit polls that were released as voting ended this Sunday.

As the current Exit Polls are indicating there’s every chance that Narendra Modi will serve at least another five years as India’s prime minister.


If he does, his political achievement should not be understated.

If Modi has won a second term, it will be tempting to retrospectively burnish his record thus far. After all, the voters liked it fine, right?

There are talks going on that Modi 2.0 will be total turnout and will see much bolder steps ever seen in Indian politics.

Nationalism, cross border terrorism, poverty and health will be the core priorities for Modi in second term.

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