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Moviesda: Movieda Tamil Latest Movies

In rapidly changing array of entertainment, people are crazy for Tamil new movies. For new Tamil movie free download, people can go to any extent when free streaming sites like moviesda offer latest movies on the go. It’s hard to find anyone who don’t like to watch or stream Tamil latest movies as soon as they release.

There are many portals that promise Tamil HD movies but deliver nothing but annoying advertisements and unwanted malwares. For last few years, moviesda has been an exception, offering an ever-growing collection of Tamil new movies to visitors from all parts of the world.

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But is moviesda the best downloading site on the internet?

To answer this question, our team has tested many sites that are available on internet. Our search ended up with few websites and moviesda was one of them, where you can watch or download movies and TV shows easily and without too much of advertisements.

Let’s explore what moviesda is and what makes it such a great and popular site ahead of its competitors.


Moviesda is an online portal which is extremely popular, here we will explain what makes it so special. You must have observed that most of the online streaming sites are –

  • Overflowing with annoying popup ads,
  • Has very unprofessional design, and?
  • Contains too many fake download links.

Quite similar to other Tamil movie download websites, moviesda has many ads as well. But you won’t ever feel like you’re trapped in annoying malware’s infecting your device. Unlike other Tamil new movies websites where you cannot prevent these ads, on movieda you can easily get rid of these ads with any ad-blocking software/extensions.

Searching a legitimate source is very irritating and most of the times, all your efforts will go in vain and you won’t even get your favorite movies.

To help you overcome this, in this article we are going to cover about moviesda. Well, for your information, moviesda was banned and is illegal, due to which moviesda has changed their interface and come-up with a totally different strategy.

[Note: Indian Jagran has published this article only for awareness purpose. Indian Jagran do not participate or promote piracy in any manner. Since these piracy websites are blocked, we advise our readers to stay away from these illegal websites.]

Moviesda – Tamil Movies Download HD

Moviesda, one of the movie sites which is insanely popular among free movie lovers. You can download movies in almost all the languages around the world from moviesda portal.

Talking about the print quality on moviesda platform, it’s amazing and you will feel like you are watching movies in theater, because moviesda team curates link from many sources after checking the quality.

Moviesda also screenshots of the available print so that you can take decision whether to download or not with the available quality print. It also helps you in saving unnecessary wastage of mobile data and time.

100% Working moviesda Mirrors:

The authorities are regularly removing piracy websites from search results. Due to moviesda and other related websites, film industry has to face huge losses. Film companies spend millions to bring movies in theaters, and if the movie will leak then they have to suffer huge losses.

Latest movie leaks are also setback for people involved in production, but unfortunately it happens with every Tamil new movie.

People behind these piracy websites do not have any legal rights to publish the copyright content, it’s piracy and is violation of copyright act.

Remember, if you download movies or other content from movieda, then you need to be cautious because they are not secure and contain malwares.

As common with other piracy websites, moviesda also has also been received DMCA Copyright many times. To overcome this, they have changed their URL many times. After block, they redirect their traffic to a new address everytime. They are taking advantage of the latest redirect technology.

How to Watch Movies on Moviesda

In this section we will discuss how to download movies from moviesda. To download from movieda, procedure is exactly the same as you do on other download websites.

For this, you first go to their website i.e. moviesda net and after that you will be redirected to the latest website homepage. If the main website is not available then you can their proxy websites.

  • On moviesda, you will find many categories on homepage.
  • Now in these categories, select which new Tamil movie you want to download.
  • Ignore all pop-under ads, these are annoying and to get rid of them you can use ad-blockers.
  • Remember, since movieda is a piracy website, the content can be removed anytime.
  • However, you will get to know the movie quality easily, they will also mention that they will upload better quality very soon.

You can also request movies on their request page. Now, movieda is also available on many channels like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Moviesda interface is very easy to navigate. It offers easy navigation through different categories to download movies. Movieda is popular due to the following reasons:

  • 100% Free HD movie download. You will find all the latest movies here without delays.
  • HD movie prints available.
  • Download available on the day of release.
  • You just need an internet connection and a device.
  • Huge library of updated HD movies.
  • Tamil HD Movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies
  • You can watch movies online as per your convenience
  • You can enjoy movies at the comfort of your home
  • Stream on all devices

Despite of so much comfort to download, you may not like frequent advertisements. It’s really annoying because you cannot ignore these ads even if you try to do so.

Benefits of Online Streaming on Moviesda

On moviesda, you can download Tamil movies free of cost on your choice of device. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi or internet connection.

All these movie streaming comes 100% free of cost, so now you can save your money as well. With this website you can save thousands of bucks every month.

Since MoviesDA is a piracy website which leaks movies illegally, so it’s not legal to download movies from this website. The legality of moviesda, as well as sites like movieda, is totally defined by local laws since each country is different in regards to piracy.

In some countries, piracy is completely legal and not regulated in any way. However, there are also countries, such as the United States, India, Germany, etc., where piracy is not legal.

If you really want to be 100% sure that you’re not breaking any laws, make sure to consult a legal professional in your country or make an educated decision using available resources.

Keep in mind that the only thing to download movies on moviesda or similar sites is the comfort of your home for your own personal entertainment.

Where to watch new movies legally

Though it offers you the Tamil new movies free of cost, but you need to understand that moviesda is a piracy website and is blocked by Government. By downloading copyright content from movieda, movie lovers knowingly or unknowingly support piracy, which is not good.

Copyright breach happens due to lack of awareness in people about piracy or lack of knowledge about the copyright acts.

So, Indian Jagran always recommend its readers to choose a legal and right way to stream movies online. Those who don’t have time to visit theaters, to watch movies they can try Hotstar, NetFlix, YouTube and other legal streaming platforms.

Why moviesda website leak movies

On moviesda, you will find movies in the following HD quality – CAM, TS and HD Prints. On movie download pages, if you don’t like the quality of the print, you can easily avoid them and can wait for next better print to get uploaded on their server. This helps people in saving huge amount of data and time.

Today, movie leaks are common and has turned into multi-million business. The more movies these websites will share on their platforms, the more people will visit for downloads. These piracy platforms mainly focus on increasing number of visitors on their platform.

Earnings of these platforms totally depend on ad networks. Moviesda has collaborated with many ad networks and they pay huge money for every visitor especially by showing pop under ads and display ads.

Revenue from ads which is in millions, is the primary reason behind the existence of moviesda and other such piracy websites.

Cation: While visiting movieda

While visiting moviesda, people should be very cautious. These websites contain malicious ads which will be displayed frequently i.e. on every click. By mistake you may click them and get exposed to unwanted harmful programs.

Sometimes you may expose your identity online. While visiting these piracy websites, it is always advised to use a good antivirus software to protect your device from viruses. You can also use an ad-blocker to prevent these ads. You can also a VPN to mask your IP.

MovieDA – New Tamil Movies


Piracy in any way is a punishable offense. Indian Jagran strongly discourages any type of piracy. The article here is only to provide you the information about illegal activities of these websites and so that you can safeguard yourself from such websites.

Indian Jagran requests you to stay away from this type of website and choose the right and legal ways to download or watch movies.

What is MoviesDA?

MoviesDA is a website that leaks new Tamil movies online, Tamil songs online, Telugu songs online. The owner behind moviesda is the same person who runs Isaimini website.

Is it legal to download online movies from MoviesDA?

Yes. it’s completely illegal to download online movies from MoviesDA site.

What is the latest site of MoviesDA?

The domain of piracy sites keeps changing every now and then. Don’t take is seriously and check the post for more latest updates.

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