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Kickass Torrents: Facts

If you are a torrent enthusiast, you must be familiar with the popular Kickass Torrents. KickassTorrents, a prime directory for torrent files and magnet links has established itself as one of the most visited torrent directory in the world, once overtaking even The Pirate Bay.

Unfortunately this fame for KickassTorrents was short-lived, and the website is now not accessible for over two years.

Kickass (KAT) Proxy & Mirrors

Note: This list of KAT alternatives has been prepared with the purpose of providing information. We discourage the use of torrent sites to download copyright-protected content.

List of KAT Proxies & Mirrors

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Why KickassTorrents is Not Working?

KickassTorrents was launched in November 2008. Kickass Torrents, which was available at the domain name, went unnoticed by the authorities for several months until a series of domain name seizures by the United States Department of Justice was performed against several torrent sites.

To prevent complete shutdown, KickassTorrents decided to change their domain name. They later purchased several other domain names in various countries around the world and periodically switched between them to keep the authorities away from them.

In 2013, The High Court in London blocked access to KickassTorrents, as well as two other very famous torrent sites.

Just a few months after the order, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), an American trade association representing the six major film studios of Hollywood, requested Google to de-list KickassTorrents from its search engine results.

On 20 July 2016, the United States Department of Justice announced that it had seized the main domain of KickassTorrents and had identified the owner of the site, Artem Vaulin.


The Dangers of Torrent Sharing

Participation in any kind of sharing of copyright material is a punishable offence. Torrenting is not always bad, but the fact is most of the time someone uses it, they use it for piracy. Indian Jagran is enlisting two major issues, to prevent them you must avoid using torrent sharing –

  • Legal Issues
  • Privacy and security issues

KickAss Torrent Alternatives

There are many torrent sites that offer almost the same content that was available on KickassTorrents, and we’ve selected 10 best alternatives to Kickass Torrents to help you overcome the gap caused by the ban on KAT. Please note that we are not vouching for the content available on these sites, as always be sure you are not breaching copyright laws.

The Pirate Bay

Launched in 2003, The Pirate Bay is undeniably the best-known torrent source in the world. Apart from a brief period when KickassTorrents ruled the torrent scene, The Pirate Bay has always maintained its place as the most visited torrent site around the world.

The Pirate Bay

Users love pirate bay not only because of the massive collection of digital content it offers but also because its founders have expressed concerned over the centralization of power and are vocal advocates for digital freedom.

The Pirate Bay has a simple interface that may look like a search engine to new users. You can search torrents by name, browse torrents by categories, or display the top 100 most downloaded torrents.

List of Pirate Bay Proxies & Mirrors

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KickassTorrents was known for its large collection of torrents of all the categories. Torrents that were hosted on KickassTorrents were of poor quality and some of them even had malware’s. That’s why many torrent enthusiasts has always preferred RARBG, a torrent index and magnet links provider which was founded in 2008.


RARBG offers a superior and convenient torrent curation experience as compared to KickassTorrents. It is largely focused on movies and TV shows, but apart from these, the site also has categories for games, music, software, adult content, and torrents making a perfect alternative to Kickass Torrents.

List of RARBG Proxies & Mirrors

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As a true KickassTorrents fan you will agree that its very hard to find any better alternative than 1337x. 1337x is currently the third most popular torrent site on the internet. Apart from being a open source public torrent tracker, 1337x doesn’t specialize in any other particular content. The site has everything from movies to games to music to applications. You will be amazed with the attractive but simple interface of the 1337x.


1337x let its users to comments under the content they download, sometimes discussing its quality and warning other users about malware. On 1337x, most torrents have description and cover, so it’s easy to pick something interesting even if you don’t know what you’re actually looking for.

List of 1337x Proxies & Mirrors:

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Zooqle is a new entrant in torrent tracker space and a fantastic KickassTorrents alternative. Zooqle has over 3.5 million verified torrents, with almost 2,000 torrents being added every day.


To get the best from Zooqle, you should create an account, which will allow you to set up subscriptions and RSS feeds. By doing so, you will be able to receive alerts as soon as your favorite TV show becomes available.


Torrentz2 is a technically different torrent site than KickassTorrents. Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine which combines millions of search results from various torrent sites, including many of those listed in this article. This turns Torrentz2 a goldmine for finding less popular content on other torrent sites.


The quality of the torrents listed in search results by Torrentz2 isn’t guaranteed. Because the search results are not curated, which means you need to be extra cautious about what you click on.


The original ExtraTorrent was a popular torrent site, much similar to KickassTorrents. Once it was even declared world’s second-largest torrent site. The owners voluntarily shut it down, a year after it had reached the height of its popularity. These days you can access ExtraTorrent through its mirrors.

Extra Torrent

One such mirror is, which, according to the ExtraTorrent IRC Channel, is the only ExtraTorrent mirror that is run by the moderators of the original site.


LimeTorrents is worth mentioning as a great KickassTorrents alternative. Launched in 2009, LimeTorrents offers a large selection of movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, anime, and other content.


The main search page of LimeTorrents looks undeniably attractive. LimeTorrents is a reliable source of content, and fans can only hope that it will remain available for a long time.


YTS.AG is a replacement for the previously popular torrent service, YTS (YIFY). YTS is primarily focused on films, so if you’re looking to torrent software, you will need to use one of the other options.

The main site, YTS.AG is up and running.

Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk makes has a nice user interface as compared to other torrent sites. TorrentFunk has been there for years, providing every movie lover the best of their requirement.

torrent funk
Torrent Funk

One of the best thing about Torrent funk is the collection of categories on this website which gets updated regularly. TorrentFunk provides verified torrents in a section of the site called VERIPLUS. It also has a highlight section where a random movie/game is showcased. Popups on Torrent Funk may annoy you while browsing.


BitLord provides a toggle for filtering out adult content and allows users to report adult content to help make the site more family friendly with the adult content filter active. This adult filtering option makes it an ideal Kickass Torrent alternative.


More interestingly, this site has a torrent streaming option available on a lot of content.


KickassTorrents is no longer available on public domain, but there’s no shortage of KickassTorrents alternatives that can offer the same or even greater selection of torrents.


In this article, we’ve selected 10 best KickassTorrents alternatives, but there are many more out there. We urge our readers to carefully examine other alternatives.

Caution:Since most of the torrent sites are involved in piracy, check your local laws before you proceed to download anything from these websites. Indian Jagran do not endorses such websites and is against piracy.

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