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Jalshamoviez: Jalshamovies New HD Movie Download

jalshamoviez is very popular and is known for new HD movie downloads. jalshamoviez website maintains latest library of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hollywood dubbed movies.

While searching on internet, you will find hundreds of sites like jalshamovies download websites. All of them claim to offer new HD movies, but the reality is that you won’t find anything there and you will waste all your time searching again and again.

There are some websites like todaypk, worldfree4u, 9xmovies, etc. which offer you new HD movie download, but they are not available on public domain, since these are blocked due to violating copyright laws. So, to download movies from these platforms, you need VPN which is paid.

Jalshamoviez Latest URL

  • https://1jalshamoviez.live/

Don’t worry, for new HD movie download fans, we have one website which is popular among HD movie fans. If you want to download movies from the jalshamoviez website, you can access it and download without any VPN.

If you are looking for a new HD movie downloading websites, then you should be aware of few things which we will discuss in detail later in this article.

Jalshamovies is famous among fans for its new HD movie library, a popular format which every movie lover likes to watch, especially on the mobile phones.

On jalshamovie, you will easily get all kind of HD movies and TV shows to watch online or download it to watch later.

The fact that every HD movie download lover is aware of, i.e. to download your favorite new HD movies, you have to search extensively and browse dozens of websites before you find a genuine download source.

This process to find a legitimate website to download jalsa movie takes hours, most of the times, you won’t find any movies but just advertisements.

To help our readers to overcome these new HD movie download problems, here we are going to cover few things about jalshamoviez website, which you will definitely find useful.

Jalshamoviez is an illegal public torrent website. This website is known for making movies from various languages available online for users to watch them online or download movies illegally violating copyright laws.

On jalshamoviez website one can find various Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies and even English movies which can be downloaded for free illegally.

Caution: Jalsa movie is illegal and banned due to involvement in piracy, so before you proceed to download new HD movies from this site, you need to be aware about few things, which we will cover in this article.

So, let’s start and learn how to download your favorite movies from jalshamoviez website.

[Note: This article is for awareness purpose, Indian Jagran do not participate or promote piracy of any kind. Since these piracy websites are blocked, we advise our readers to stay away from these illegal websites.]

Watch Latest Movies on Jalshamoviez

People from many countries search for jalshamovies website for new HD movie download. Jalsa movie is mainly focused towards listing latest new HD movies to stream online and for downloading.

On this website, you will find latest collection of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and almost all the film industries, as soon as they get released.

You can also find a search box on the homepage, using this you can search any movie and show easily without any complications.

One thing which is common with these piracy platforms i.e. advertisements, you will find plenty of it on jalshamoviez HD movie download too.

The print quality of jalshamovies available on this platform is of high quality which is obvious due to HD downloads and you will definitely like it.

Jalshamoviez is very fast in curating list of movies from different sources and they include these prints on their portal after thoroughly checking the print quality. They also embed movies in their online streaming servers, so that if anyone want, they can easily stream these HD movies.

Why the Jalshamoviez Website Is Not Secure

It is illegal to download or share movies from such unauthorized platforms because the content available on these platforms is illegal and violates copyright laws.

If you are among those who are dependent on these websites to download content, then you need to be very cautious because these websites are flooded with malwares and their servers are not secured.

We strongly advise our readers to always stay away from such websites and safeguard themselves from any loss due to copyright violation or malwares.

If you also download movies from any movie downloading website, then you have to be cautious, if you download the movie from pirated websites then you can be prosecuted under DMCA Act for participating in piracy.

jalshamoviez has been under DMCA Copyright Strike many times in the past. After getting removed from search results, they redirect all of their traffic again to a new web address.

How to download movies from jalshamoviez

This is an important section if you like to download or watch jalshamovies online. In this section we will cover how to download latest movies from jalshamoviez securely.

jalsa movie

It’s a fact that people specially college students or people residing at remote locations i.e. in other states prefer more to download movies. This situation is arising due to high movie ticket prices and non-availability of movies in nearby theaters.

These people are more vulnerable to harm both their reputation and devices due to involvement in copyright violation and unsecured exposure of their device to malwares.

The process of downloading movies from this website is somewhat identical to as you download movies from other websites like movierulz, tamilrockers, todaypk, etc. The only difference is that jalshamoviez lets you directly stream new HD movies on their platform like 123movies, fmovies, gomovies, etc.

Jalshamoviez – Download New HD Movies

  • Visit their official website i.e. jalshamoviez.com. (It is adviced to use VPN to safeguard your identity)
  • If they have moved to a new address, you will be redirected to one of their proxy websites.
  • You will get new HD movies on their homepage. You can also search music videos, movies, etc. in the search box provided.
  • Select the movie you want to download.
  • Now you will get links for new HD movie download. Be cautious before you click the download button as there are fake download buttons on the download pages.
  • Remember, as jalsa movies is a piracy website, the content can get blocked or removed anytime.

On download page you will notice that, you don’t get any direct links, there are advertisements and you have to wait to download the latest movies.

  • Most likely after 20-25 seconds, you will get the download link you were looking for, through this you can download your jalshamovies.
  • Movie download time totally depends on your internet speed.

You can also request new movies on jalsamovies website. Now they are also available on Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Jalsa movie quickly lists new HD movies and TV shows so you can easily stream or download as soon as they get released. Here we have listed few reasons why this website is popular:

  • Content is 100% free to download.
  • No need to create account. You can download any movie completely anonymous.
  • New HD movies download.
  • Download any movie on the day of movie release.
  • Very easy – internet connection and a device required.
  • Latest movies and shows in all languages.
  • Dubbed movies also available.
  • Download or watch movies online completely as per your convenience.
  • HD prints specially for mobile devices.

Despite offering these irresistible features, frequent advertisements on this website may interrupt your viewing experience. These advertisements are annoying because you cannot skip these ads even if you try to do so.


Few people install ad blockers to prevent these ads, but there are many times when even an ad blocker cannot stop these regular ads to show up.

Whenever you click on jalshamoviez movies website – be it anyplace, a new web page will open automatically which may lead you to pages that may contain viruses.

So, it is advised to use an antivirus before you browse such piracy websites.

Benefits of Online Movies Streaming Site

Though these websites are not recommended, still these websites get billions of visits every month. Some benefits with jalshamoviez are:

  • On the jalshamoviez website, you can download any new HD movie free of cost.
  • Apart from download, you can also stream movies online on any of your device. You just need a good, stable internet connection.
  • Since jalshamoviez is known for latest database, it has literally huge demand for content from all over the world, specially from Asian countries.
  • You can save lots of money.
  • You can watch movies at the comfort of your home, this saves time as well.

Where to watch new movies legally

Friends, jalshamoviez is a big piracy website since it provides downloads of copyright content. Downloading and sharing of prohibited content is a violation of the copyright act, which you already know.

By downloading and sharing content from these platforms, people participate in piracy, which is not good for them.

So, Indian Jagran, advices you to opt for a legal way to watch movies, and theaters are the best way to watch any new movie.

For watching movies, you can either visit theaters or use online streaming platforms like Hotstar, NetFlix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. These platforms are legal and if you watch movies or shows on these platforms, it won’t violate the copyright laws.

If you want to watch new web series and HD movie download online then you can choose Netflix, a famous streaming platform. Amazon Prime Video is also good, here you will find latest content within few days of their release.

You must have noticed that YouTube has also started a new service of streaming original contents, you can also subscribe to that as well.

Why Jalshamoviez website leaks movies

In today’s fast changing technological world, leaking movies online is has turned into a fancy business which can be started without any investment. People reportedly visit these piracy websites to stream or download latest movies and shows.

These websites earn millions by showing ads to their visitors. Earning of these piracy platforms totally depend on the number of website visitors. These piracy websites have collaborated with different ad networks which pay them for serving ads to their visitors.

This is one of the biggest reasons behind the existence of jalshamoviez and other such piracy platforms.

The other reason which is also prominent that the availability of technology to deliver pirated content through these websites. The costs are low and profits are high, which may seem lucrative to anyone.

Hope now we have clarified the core idea behind existence of these piracy platforms.

Jalshamoviez Best alternate sites to download movies

If you are among those people who likes latest movies and are looking for best Jalshamoviez movies alternatives, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some hand-picked sites which you can visit while jalshamoviez movies is unavailable.

Why people visit these alternate sites?

  • Very few sites provide you good download experience.
  • Most of sites keep redirecting to dangerous and vulgar websites.
  • Due to long server response time
  • For better new HD movie prints


Movierulz is one of the biggest names in the best jalshamoviez alternatives list. It offers thousands of latest jalshamovies and TV shows to the visitors.

  • Movierulz has a nice user interface;
  • You won’t see too much of ads;
  • The site’s database is majorly divided into sections and categories. You see some navigational option in the header bar.

Movierulz doesn’t store the videos on its server, they curate and list third party content.


Tamilrockers is the best alternative site for jalshamoviez as it also provides downloads in 300mb movie formats. It is considered as the most notorious free online HD movie download websites that offers the biggest collection of movies and TV shows of different genres such as drama, comedy, suspense, action and much more.

On tamilrockers website you can find latest movies as soon as you arrive on the website, it is very straightforward, no need to register.

Tamilrockers is blocked, but still you can access this website by using VPN.


MadrasRockers also allows you to watch jalshamovies and TV shows online. Their actual portal is blocked, but there are many proxy websites which are hosted on same server so you can find them very easily.

MadrasRockers is known for jalshamovies download prints, which is really great for anyone who loves movies. But you need to be little careful with the ads, which will cover entire screen and cannot be prevented.


TodayPK is a good alternative for 9xmovie movies but it has very limited collection of jalshamovies. It updates database regularly; this means that it will be easier for you to find the most popular movies as soon as they release.

You can also find movies categorized in years of release. This can be useful if you are in love with watching old movies.


9XMovies is among holy grail of piracy websites in India. It has huge database of latest movies specially for the regional dubbed cinema. 9xmovies has been blocked many times by the authorities.

It has good database in 300mb movies format, which makes it is one of the best alternative sites for jalshamoviez.


To download latest HD movies, MoviesDA is the leader. It has a huge library of movies and popular TV shows from all around the world. From last few years this site has grown in terms of movies collection and user base.

The quality of uploads on this platform is also very good and you can rely easily on it. Like very common with such piracy sites, this has been blocked many times by the authorities.


DownloadHub was among the most popular piracy platform in India, which started leaking HD movies online. DownloadHub is also a good alternative for jalshamoviez, quite similar to it but very popular among new HD movie download lovers.

The original portal was blocked, but there are many proxy websites available and you can find them easily on search engines.

You can use an ad-blocker along with a good antivirus while visiting this website.


It is also a good jalshamoviez alternative as it offers you all types of movie and TV series in jalshamovies format. HDFriday provide you link from the other sites and it doesn’t store files on its own server.

Although HDFriday is blocked in some countries including India, by using VPN users can watch all videos in HD quality without sign up, and they also let you download movies.


As the name suggest, their prime focus is on free movies, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get movies in HD quality. It has latest library of content from around the world. It also provides 300mb format.

It is a free HD movie download website and among those who have been aggressively monitored by the DMCA authorities.


TamilYogi also belongs to the same league of illegal piracy websites. It is almost like TamilRockers, where you will find updated list of movies every week.

TamilYogi curate’s movies based on the year of release and for every year they have maintained a huge library of movies. This website is also filled with advertisements. The best part is, it provides HD movies format as an option on its download page.


While visiting jalshamoviez, you should be cautious as websites like these may contain malwares which will be displayed in the form of download buttons, you may accidently click them and get redirected to unwanted harmful malwares.

While visiting these piracy websites, it is always advised to use a good antivirus software to protect your costly device from viruses.

People use VPN software’s to mask their IPs and protect their identities.


Piracy is considered as punishable offense and Indian Jagran strongly discourages any type of piracy. The article here is only to providing you the information about illegal activities of these piracy websites.

Indian Jagran requests you to stay away from this type of website and choose the right and legal ways to download or watch movies.

What is JalshaMoviez?

Jalshamoviez is an online illegal movie streaming and download website. It provides users dubbed movies in MKV, MP4, AVI, 720p, 1080p, 300MB formats.

How to download movies from Jalshamovies?

Downloading movies from Jalshamoviez is simple and pretty straight forward. Just select the movies, choose your print quality, subtitles, etc., and click download. That’s it!

Is it legal to download from Jalshamoviez?

No. It’s illegal, because Jalshamovies is involved in piracy of protected copyright content. Please check your countries law’s before you access this site.

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