How to Buy a Sofa

How to Buy a Sofa

By Josette Deschambeault

Published 09:00 am

Buy a Perfect Sofa

We weren’t taught how to buy sofas growing up, nor is there a class on how to purchase the right one in college. Does it matter if there are sections? What does seat height have to do anything? Buying a sofa for the first time may seem daunting, so we’ve come up with the most important features to look for when purchasing a comfy couch.

brown sofa in living room

1. Size

This should go without saying, but you should measure your space and the sofa before buying anything. Every sofa should have the dimensions prominently displayed to make this easier for you. When you measure your space, make sure to consider if the sofa will crowd your other pieces of furniture. You spent your time and good money on that beautiful accent chair; you don’t want to overpower it with an oversized sofa! Measure not only the length of the sofa but the depth of the seat, as well; your console table should have plenty of room to maneuver around it without being squeezed up against your sofa!

2. Style

Take your current decor into consideration when purchasing a new sofa. You want the sofa to compliment your other furniture items, if not match them completely. However, an eclectic collection can sometimes flow together nicely.

There are different styles of sofas, in general. You can choose a cabriole, a Chesterfield, a settee, a Mid-Century Modern, a Tuxedo, a Camelback, an English Roll Arm, and many more! If you’re looking for something super comfortable for game days and movie nights, look for something deep, plush, and with thick cushions. If you’re looking to impress your guests with an elegant sofa, look more something more like a Mid-Century Modern sofa for a pop of culture.

beautiful dark colored sofa

3. Seat Height

We may have joked about this previously, but seat height actually makes a lot of difference. When we refer to seat height, we really mean how far down you will have to bend before you can sit. Low couches can look phenomenal, but be extremely hard for people with bad backs and bad knees to use daily. However, tall couches can be another hurdle if you have small kids or pets who might have difficulty crawling up on the cushions. If possible, try out your current sofa to see if you like the seat height; if so, measure it and look for sofas with a seat height around the same measurement.

4. Material

This is a huge feature to consider when purchasing your sofa. You can find beautiful hand-crafted leather options, but these sofas are generally much more expensive than other options. There are faux leather options that are more affordable but may not be as durable as true leather. Cotton woven sofa material can be extremely soft and comfortable but can also get dirty faster than leather. Velour or velvet can make for a smooth, comfy sofa but requires more upkeep than any of the other materials. If possible, we recommend sofas with removable covers to easily clean or wash your sofa cushions.

gray sofa

5. Special Features

While not strictly necessary, it never hurts to throw in a few novelties when picking up a new sofa. There are recliner options that allow both sides to lean back and raise a footrest or built-in cup holders next to your massaging roller controls. Other sofas convert into slide-out beds, which come in handy when guests show up unexpectedly. Some sofas are outfitted like movie theater seats for the ultimate movie-watching experience. You can even find a “mix and match” sofa that allows you to arrange your sectional to fit your unique space.

6. Personal Preference

While these features are all important, the choice is up to you at the end of the day. Look for a sofa that fits your style, your space, and, most importantly, your budget. You could find a secondhand couch at a home goods store, or a build-it-yourself sofa, a la Ikea. If you’re hesitant to commit to purchasing a couch online before testing it out, find a furniture store with similar designs. Or, try a furniture rental company to see if you like the aesthetic in your home.

No matter what you ultimately decide upon, there’s only one feature you really need: comfort. Regardless of materials, height, length, or style, nothing can compete with the desire to settle down on your new sofa after a long day. So put up your feet, settle in, and enjoy your new sofa!

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