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VinaCapital Ventures recently announced a $1 million investment in GoStream websites, a live video-streaming site located in Vietnam.

The funds received in this round of funding would be used to expand the company’s operations. The platform currently claims to promote over 100,000 daily livestreaming sessions and also caters to corporate clients.

gostream websites

How to Access GoStream

GoStream develops technology, products, and services that allow content creators to analyze and engage with their audiences through multiple platforms. To access GoStream, you can access the below site address:

  • gostream.co

Please be informed that to access, you need to first sign-up on the website.

Create Automatic Live Stream Quickly and Effectively

With just one click, you can broadcast multiple live streams to multiple pages, fan pages, and groups at the same time, reaching thousands of customers from various outlets. You can also arrange your live streaming, as well as build attractive and professional mini-live streaming games like Picture to Word and Confetti.

Live Stream to Multiple Destinations at The Same Time

The most unique feature of GoStream is that it allows you to connect several Facebook accounts to your GoStream account. You may have several Facebook accounts open at once. To put it another way, you can simultaneously broadcast your livestream to multiple personal accounts, fanpages, and groups with multiple Facebook accounts.

Increase Virtual Viewers for Your Livestream Naturally

The framework includes the ability to help virtual viewers for live streaming in the most natural way possible, making livestreams more appealing to viewers and live streamers more secure when playing live. Using the automatic live stream, which is used by thousands of streamers, this is a way to help you sell more efficiently.

Live Stream to The Group That You Join

With only a few taps, you can instantly broadcast your live stream to groups that you’ve joined.
GoStream app on Google Play also have some additional features, such as:

  • Interactive statistics during the live stream.
  • Send out mass communications to current customers.


GoStream, which was established in 2017, is a simple-to-use platform for everyone, including those with little or no technical expertise. It is the simplest way to broadcast HD live video from your mobile device or tablet. GoStream app is both free and paid live streaming app for all mobile and PC devices.

Can I stream live games on multiple platforms with GoStream?

Yes. GoStream is a well known streaming app available for both mobile and PC. It let’s you stream your live gaming on multiple platforms.

Is GoStream safe to use?

Yes. GoStream is a popular service and is backed by VinaCapital Ventures. You can stream your content to your audience without any worries.

Can I live stream on Facebook with GoStream.co?

Yes. Gostream.co let’s you share your stream with your audience on Facebook. You can share these streams on pages, profiles and even inside groups.

GoStream.co is a free service or a paid service?

GoStream.co offers both the free as well as paid service. With a paid subscription, you can enjoy more features that are not available with the free plan – like GoStream without watermark.

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