Fresh notice issued to Tablighi Jamaat’s chief Maulana Saad, advised to get Covid-19 test in government lab

New Delhi: On Thursday, the Delhi Police issued a fourth notice to Maulana Saad asking for a corona examination in the government lab. Maulana Saad, the head of Tablighi Jamaat has undergone corona test in a private lab, where his report came negative.

In this notice, the Crime Branch has also asked Maulana Saad for answers to some questions, which he did not give in the old notice. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has also filed a case of money laundering against Maulana Saad, the head of Tablighi Jamaat, who has suddenly increased cases of Corona virus in the country.

The ED has registered a criminal case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act based on the FIR of the Delhi Police. On March 31, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police had registered an FIR against seven people including Maulana Saad. Saad did the Jalsa despite an order banning a large gathering.

No account has been found in the name of Maulana Saad yet

The crime branch has detected another bank account of Tablighi Markaz, based in Nizamuddin. This account in the name of Tablighi Markaz is in the branch of Bank of Baroda at Hamdard. This account used to have frequent transactions. The crime branch has informed this to the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

A senior officer of the crime branch told that the investigation is going to be a month, but so far no bank account has been found in the personal name of Maulana Mohammad Saad.

According to officials, Markaz’s bank accounts was looked after by Saad’s son and nephew. These two are the princes of Saad. The crime branch is verifying the travel agent based in Delhi about how many hoarders had gone abroad and through them. In addition, other information is being collected through travel agents.

Investigations have revealed that people from Markaj used to go in troops for the Jamaat. Wherever they used to go, they lived in the magistrates and ate food at people’s homes. Because of this, the expenses of the people who went to campaign were less. It is also being seen whether exemption was taken from the Income Tax Department in the name of religion.

According to Crime Branch officials, the police officers who have been asked to remain self-quarantined are also senior officers after the constable of the investigation team is infected. In such a situation, the investigation of Markaz case is expected to be slow.

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