Fear The Walking Dead (6×03) Alaska Review

Fear The Walking Dead (6×03) Alaska Review

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Synopsis: Al and Dwight go rogue on a recon mission for Ginny ro follow a lead thought lost, but Al must choose between what she has how and what she’s chasing. (AMC)

This time, it’s Al and Dwight’s turn for an update as we continue to see where everyone is up to though in this case, it was a little more than that.

However, Alaska started with the Morgans (baby and man). He brought some supplies back, including jam from his inside man (presumably Daniel). He then combined his akido stick with his new axe. As far as he was concerned, Morgan’s mission was to bring everyone back to his new hideout and he wasn’t sure the others would recognize the man he would have to become to do it. That was pretty much it for him here.

As mentioned, this was an Al and Dwight episode and it saw them doing some recon, going through abandoned buildings and looking for signs of life and death and why, documenting everything (they were playing a game where they collected drivers licenses from the Walkers they killed where Al was looking for one from Alaska or Hawaii because of their rarity). They had been doing it for a long time therefore they were close. Meanwhile. Al was monitoring radio traffic for the whereabouts of her girlfriend Isabel. Once Dwight figured it out, he thought they should focus on meeting up with Isabel (despite her protocols). Sherry was kind of still in his mind and he would do the same for her (he offered to help her fake her own death as he would do in her place).

Their next location was an office building whose roof presumably was where Isabel’s helicopter was set to land. Outside, they found an Alaskan drivers licence. Inside were the words “The End is the Beginning”. Taking the stairs up and killing Walkers along the way, Al and Dwight found survivors who needed their help with a group of people afflicted by the bubonic plague. Believing it was a lost cause (and maybe rightfully so), Al decided they should leave them behind but Dwight thought otherwise. Meanwhile, they would need to find away around the rats infesting the building as they were transmitting the bubonic plague. Finding refuge in a washroom, it was discovered that Dwight was also afflicted with the bubonic plague. Nevertheless, he insisted they should continue while Al insisted a more cautious approach. Thanks to one of their new friends catching up with them, a woman named Nora (the Alaskan drivers license belonged to her friend), they ingeniously took out some more Walkers so that Al had access to the roof .

While Al waited on the roof, she watched the video Dwight left for her and as Isabel’s helicopter approached after she launched a flare, she essentially changed her mind and called it off. Thankfully, the roof happened to be stocked with the antibiotics everyone below needed. As everyone left the building, a new voice came on the radio, claiming to have seen Al’s flare. Dwight immediately recognized it as Sherry.

The episode ended with them embracing outside.

Now that’s a happy ending but it’s still unclear how everything is going to come together as there are still a few more characters to check in with.

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