Fear The Walking Dead (6×02) Welcome to the Club Review

Fear The Walking Dead (6×02) Welcome to the Club Review

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Synopsis: Virginia forced Alicia and Strand to clear an unusual walker threat, where an encounter with a new ally gives Strand an idea that could be the key to their freedom. (AMC)

This time, it’s Alicia and Strand’s turn for an update as we continue to see where everyone is up to.

The cold open for Welcome to the Club did not exactly end on the best of terms as Virginia’s attempt to force prisoners to clear a warehouse full of molasses-covered walkers did not end well for them. except for one prisoner named Sanjay, or the rangers tasked to monitor them. Meanwhile, Alicia and Strand were on what was essentially poop duty and the latter had had enough of it, mouthing off to one of the rangers. Thankfully, a nearby girl named Dakota (Zoe Margaret Colletti) was there to save them. As a result, they were summoned to Lawton which was Virginia’s settlement to face their punishment. Once there, they found Daniel giving her a haircut. Unfortunately for them, Daniel was adamant that he did not know them and it seemed genuine. Meanwhile, their punishment was to attempt the same task of clearing that wearhouse of course.

Once there (Charlie and Janis were also there), Strand had a different idea which was to take it over. A possible wrinkle in that plan was Dakota’s reappearance as a stowaway in a delivery truck. She just happened to be Virginia’s sister and she did not want to go back to Lawton. She shared with them that there was an important weapon in that warehouse as it could be a key to stopping Virginia or one to kill the person she desperately wants to kill (presumably Morgan). Dakota also mentioned the deal Strand made with her that Alicia was unaware of which was how he exchanged the SWAT van for them to be put together. He needed her help. Alicia thought it be best to go for the weapon instead of Strand’s plan. Her plan saw the warehouse overrun with Walkers (taking mostly rangers with them). It was Strand’s sacrifice of Sanjay (he lied about it) that caused enough of a distraction to allow the others the opportunity to dispose of the remaining Walkers. It should not come as much of a surprise that there was no weapon to be found. The weapon was rather a metaphorical one, it was a true leader which Strand proved himself to be. As far as Virginia was concerned, his group was the start of her newest army for which he would lead.

Back at Lawton, Charlie appeared to get through to Daniel. Meanwhile as a result of Strand’s promotion, everyone was reassigned away from him. He had to be a different person and Alicia reminded him of who he was.

The episode ended with Daniel finding Morgan whom he recognized immediately, implying that his forgetfulness may have just been an act.

The metaphorical twist was a stupid one and breaking up Alicia and Strand doesn’t seem like a good idea but let’s see if Strand, Daniel, and maybe Morgan can’t figure something out. Hopefully we see what the others are up to too.

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