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ExtraTorrents: ExtraTorrent.cc was a largest bittorrent system and was very popular among torrent fans. ExtraTorrent website objective was to give users an easy-to-use directory for all sort of files specially movies, software’s, etc.

Visitors of ExtraTorrents can upload all sorts of torrents to this website, monitored by any BitTorrent tracker. One of the reasons you should visit with extratorrent is they have very and quality torrents a community and site.

You won’t be disappointed!!

It’s one of the bittorrent systems online following the current search for illegal downloading of articles. As with other torrent systems, it works on a P2P (peer to peer) file protocol which bases its usefulness to the number of peers in addition to their willingness to ‘seed’ or discuss their documents.

Content on extratorrents is spread through categories and subcategories, it also has a nice simple layout. The most fascinating feature seen in BitTorrent sites is the article section that offers news regarding all kinds of trends and information and the latest articles.

Beneath that’s the category that is hunted, and although it’s a practical tool in finding torrents, it would be useful to provide quality torrent qualities such as 1080p or 720p.

A design that is simplistic implies that content can be found by the user while the payload requires no connection and is reduced. If it had been polished around the edges the layout could take the payload, and a perspective lines that are redesign of the box could give a more attractive allure to the site.


These extratorrent proxy are without popups and ads that plagues extratorrent.

On Dec 18 2016 Extratorrent has ironically started encrypting their content to prevent proxy sites to provide access to their content. This has made 90% of the proxy sites unusable though these proxies are working as usual.

Currently extratorrent has around 4 million torrents and the number been growing.

Update 1: Extratorrent has voluntarily shutdown on May 17, 2017.

Update 2: Extratorrent.cd and extratorrent.ag are the current up to date extratorrent proxy.


Is Torrenting Illegal?

With countries against torrenting websites issuing blanket bans, you may assume that all kinds of torrenting are prohibited.

In actuality, of torrenting itself, the action isn’t illegal. Downloading and seeding is perfectly within the law – until it comes to copyrighted material.

Torrenting download or to distribute copyrighted material is prohibited.

Many countries prefer to issue a ban, since it’s so tough to keep track of what is being shared via torrenting websites. Unfortunately, torrenting becomes caught up in such bans. You will want to use a VPN if you would like to access websites that are torrenting where they’ve been banned.

Working Extratorrent Proxy and Mirrors – 2020

Proxy and mirrors: extratorrent.ag is one of the trending proxy of this popular website. Checkout the complete list here:

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5 Best Extratorrent Alternatives – 100% Working

Until recently, to many torrent users, ExtraTorrent was the only torrent site that was there priority. However, it was never the only torrent site on the internet, nor the most popular one. Here’s the list of best extratorrent alternatives, you would like to visit:

extratorrent proxy

Why Use a VPN to Unblock ExtraTorrents?

It may carry risks, from hackers stealing your information and malware on your apparatus, if you’re engaging in torrenting. And torrenting prohibited in others and is limited in several countries, because it may be used for activities.

A VPN will keep you protected from malware and give a means to get any bans, geoblocks, or ISP throttling around.

When choosing a VPN to use for unblock ExtraTorrents, there are a few key features you need to look out for:

  • P2P-friendly servers that allow torrenting.
  • Good unblocking capabilities to bypass geo-restrictions.
  • Lightning-fast speeds to avoid painfully slow downloads.
  • A strict no logs policy to make sure there’s no record of your activity.
  • Anti-malware software to protect your device from infection.

Unblock torrenting sites

Several nations block torrenting websites since torrenting can be prohibited.If you wish to torrent if you are traveling, or stay in, among those countries, you will need a VPN.

VPN works by redirecting your visitors through their own network. It is going to look like you’re accessing the website, if you connect to a server in a country where torrenting sites aren’t blocked. This will unblock extratorrents and other sites that are torrenting.

A VPN will have the ability to bypass government firewalls and allow you to access content if other websites besides those are censored in your country.

unblock extratorrent

Stay out of trouble

You cannot always be 100% sure of what you are getting when you torrent, since torrenting entails file sharing. If you download material that is copyrighted, you could face trouble if this download is traced back to you.

A VPN encrypts all your traffic and masks your IP address, meaning that your action that is torrenting is kept confidential. So, now you will agree that it’s better to use a VPN to unblock extratorrents, to stay safe from unwanted troubles.

Protect yourself from malware

Torrenting includes the danger of downloading malware in addition to unintentionally downloading material.

That you don’t realize you have been infected software can be disguised as a download or inside files.

Malware is very adept at hiding itself and may present its founder access to everything When it has access to your device.

The VPNs include built-in malware blockers. This program block and will recognize documents and sites to protect you from any downloads.

Prevent throttling

Many ISPs will control your relationship whenever they detect torrenting since it can occupy plenty of bandwidth.

Since a VPN masks your IP address and both encrypts your visitors, it is going to hide your activity even. By using VPN to unblock extratorrents, the ISP will not throttle your connection and won’t be able to discover that you’re torrenting.

Protect your privacy

The major issue with relations that are P2P is that users have the ability to view your IP address. Hackers can use this information to keep track of where you are or threaten you with cyber-attacks such as DDoS or DoS.

Hiding your IP address will keep you protected from any cyber threat. Other users will have the ability to find the VPN IP address rather than your own when you document. Unblocking extratorrents with VPN can help you to remain safe and private.


While ExtraTorrent is no longer accessible, many other ExtraTorrent mirror and proxy sites still there, including the sites listed above.

Shockingly, not all ExtraTorrent mirror sites are safe.

Some of them host malicious advertising and cryptocurrency mining scripts, others try to convince visitors to download malicious softwares, and others still collect sensitive information about their users and use it for malicious purposes.

The information above is just for informational purpose, we don’t support or promote any kind of piracy. We also suggest our readers to stay away from malicious websites.

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