Exit Polls 2019: Congress denied exit poll results, claims on May 23 would surprise the ruling party

Congress party (INC) rubbished exit polls predicting a landslide for the NDA, saying the results on May, 23 would surprise the ruling party while political circles believed that even the lower finish of the projections might well rule out any chance for an opposition coalition.

Though each poll pointed within the direction of an NDA win, Congress representative Rajeev Gowda expressed, “Please wait until May twenty-three. we are going to surprise you. the complete vote share to seat share conversion could be a tough job. there’s conjointly a concern mental disease within the country and other people don’t reveal their views.”

TMC chief Mamata Banerjee tweeted that exit polls are “gossip’s” and stated, “The game set up is to manipulate or replace thousands of EVMs through this gossip.”

But rhetoric apart, the accord among the polls a couple of BJP victory left the opposition gripped with doubt and hoping for a repeat of 2004 once predictions were proven wide off the mark.

In 2004, the pollsters had gone with a conclusion for the NDA however the results saw Congress emerge because of the single-largest party.

Recently, in one of her statements during election campaign Ex UPA president Mrs Sonia Gandhi has mentioned that BJP should not forget how everything has turned up in favor of UPA in 2004 loksabha elections.

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