Crisis on Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh?

kamal nath

There has been a ruckus in the politics of Madhya Pradesh due to allegations of horse trading (horse trading). Former CM Digvijay Singh (Digvijay Singh) has accused BJP of horse trading. Digvijay said that BJP-MP is bringing MLAs of Congress, BSP and SP to Delhi.

Digvijay Singh said, ‘The BJP took BSP MLA Ramabai to Delhi. Some people came under the temptation of BJP. We were stopped at the gate right there. He said, ‘Kamal Nath government is safe in MP’.

Digvijay said, ‘There were about 10-11 MLAs, now they have 4 MLAs. Bunda MLA Ramabai was gang-raped. Ramabai is a brave woman. BJP has black money.

Digvijay said, ‘When we came to know, Jeetu Patwari and Jayawardhan Singh went there. The people with whom we were established were ready to come back to us. We were in contact with Bisahulal Singh and Ramabai. Ramabai came back while the BJP tried to stop her.

SP MLA Rajesh Shukla said, ‘At least the Congress has worried us. We are with the Congress. Efforts are being made to buy Congress MLAs. I am in delhi Incidentally, we, BJP and Congress together reached Delhi.

Kamal Nath had said, ‘Where did this much money come from in 15 years? Many MLAs have also complained to me. I am asking the legislators that if they are getting focal money, then take it. Kamal Nath had claimed that many BJP MLAs are in contact with us.

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