Court dismisses convict Vinay Sharma’s plea seeking high-level treatment

New Delhi: The Patiala House court on Saturday dismissed the petition of 1 of 4 Nirbhaya convicts Vinay Sharma, seeking direction to supply high-level medical treatment to him. The convict, through his counsel AP Singh had filed a petition within the court on Thursday to supply him high-level treatment after he allegedly hurt himself inside his cell.

The appliance also claimed mental disease , schizophrenia and head and arm injuries.

The court while dismissing his plea observed, “General anxiety and depression just in case of a death house convict is clear within the case at hand, evidently, adequate medical treatment and psychological help are provided to the condemned convict”, as reported by press agency ANI.

Earlier within the day, Additional sessions judge Dharmender Rana had reserved the order after hearing arguments from both the edges within the matter.

Throwing light on the incident where Vinay Sharma allegedly hurt himself in his cell, the Tihar Jail authorities informed the court that the injuries sustained by a death-row convict within the Nirbhaya rape case, Vinay Sharma, are “self-inflicted and superficial”.

“Convict is in check , injuries are self-inflicted and superficial. Radiologist conducted an X-ray and located that convict didn’t sustain any fracture,” prosecutor Irfan Ahmad told the court on Saturday as reported by press agency ANI.

The authorities also submitted a CD containing CCTV footage of Vinay banging his head against the wall. “The medical call made by the convict was a false”, said Irfan Ahmed.

Irfan Ahmed also asserted that AP Singh had made wrong submissions that Vinay’s hand was fractured and said that there was no fracture or plaster on his hand. Ahmad also stated that convict Vinay Sharma had made two phone calls recently to his mother and his lawyer and asked why was his lawyer claiming that Vinay wasn’t during a position to spot his mother.

While Advocate AP Singh, representing Vinay Sharma, alleged evil by the Tihar Jail authorities and sought the court’s direction to involve CCTV footage of February 18. He claimed that Vinay’s arm was fractured which there was a plaster on his arm when he met with him on the day, as reported by press agency IANS.

Singh also broke down within the court during the arguments and said that everyone was making a mockery of him outside when he was only discharging his duty towards the Constitution of India.

The court had, on Thursday, issues a notice to Tihar Jail seeking a report from it on the appliance which sought high-level medical treatment for Vinay, who consistent with the appliance sustained a “grievous head injury, fracture in his right arm, insanity, mental disease , and Schizophrenia”.

Meanwhile, a fresh warrant has been issued for the four death house convicts – Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta, and Mukesh Singh – within the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case for his or her hanging at 6 am on March 3.

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