Coronavirus: Thousands of prisoners escaped from jail in Brazil

Hundreds of prisoners escaped on Monday after breaking Brazil’s four prisons. Sao Paulo State Prison officials gave this information to the media.

However, the São Paulo State Prison Authority said that it could not yet be told how many prisoners had escaped as the exact number of fugitive prisoners had still not been revealed.

Local media reported that more than 1,000 inmates escaped from the four prisons of Mongagua, Trembe, Porto Feliz and Mirandopolis before the lockdown.

A video on social media showed a long line of prisoners allegedly running from jail. However, there can be no confirmation about the veracity of that video.

The São Paulo State Prison Authority said that the prisoners escaped by breaking into jail the day before closing the day’s release.

The prison authority said that it was necessary to prevent prisoners from being taken out during the day as 34,000 criminals would be returning to the jail and that there would be a high possibility of corona virus outbreak.

This will pose a health risk to both the sick patients and their carers. It also stated that law enforcement was monitoring the situation.

Brazil’s most powerful prison in the state of São Paulo, is the first capitol command of the criminal gang. Brazil’s already overcrowded prisons often witness murderous violence and conflicts between rival gangs.

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