#CoronaPositive: Special ventilator for Corona patients by Dyson

British technology company Dyson has prepared a special ventilator for corona virus patients in just 10 days. Dyson has also been ordered by the UK government to make 10,000 ventilators.

This ventilator of Dyson is named CoVent.

Covent ventilator is designed keeping in mind the needs of patients with corona virus. Let us tell you that Dyson is named first in the list of companies making vacuum cleaners and hand dryers.

Talking about the features of Dyson’s ventilator, it has a device that works in artificial lungs. In the case of corona infection, it has been confirmed so far that this virus completely blocks the lungs of human due to which there is no flow of oxygen in the body. In addition, phlegm is formed when infected with corona.

Due to lung block, no oxygen can get into the body nor does carbon dioxide come out. This ventilator has an endotracheal (ET) tube that connects to the wind pipe and ejects carbon dioxide from the body.

This helps the patient in the respiratory process. Simply put, this ventilator has an artificial lung. The great advantage of this ventilator is that the doctor does not need any other machine to treat the corona patient.

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