Chinese police to handle 22,000 Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic-related criminal cases

Open security specialists across China have dealt with around 22,000 criminal cases identified with the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) as of Monday, a media report cited the Ministry of Public Security.

An aggregate of 4,260 speculates involved in the cases have been confined, Vice Minister Du Hangwei was cited by Xinhua as saying at a question and answer session on Wednesday.

Up until now, police have split 688 cases including the creation and offer of fake and poor defensive materials, with in excess of 1,560 speculates captured and more than 31 million phony or sub-par face covers seized, Du said.

An aggregate of 49 cops and helper cops the nation over yielded their lives while working during the pestilence episode, said Du.

He included that open security organizations will keep on getting serious about wrongdoings, incorporating meddling with transportation and coordinations, cost gouging and upsetting the creation request.

Du likewise encouraged cops to stay away from viciousness in upholding laws and complete examinations in exacting understanding with the law.

Cops should take action against criminal operations seriously ruining pandemic control or business resumption while teaching those engaged with minor cases, Du included.

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