CartoonCrazy: Watch Cartoon Shows Online [Free Sub & Dub]


Cartoons are amazing enough, right? Back in our childhood days, all of us loved to watch them again and again. Cartoons undeniably have a fascinating soft corner in our hearts; for all age groups, they are the greatest tension buster.

CartoonCrazy is a common add-on to Kodi, which allows parents of all ages to find and download cartoons and other TV programs for children.

Today, not only are children watching cartoons, but since anime took over, the patrons of this enchanting trend fell under the umbrella of a bewildering spectrum of age groups.

When it comes to the entertainment industry, age does not determine our taste. Besides kids who love to watch cartoons and anime videos/movies, there are plenty of people. So enjoy your favorite cartoons and anime movies and show the new and old anime movies on many websites.

For anime and cartoon content, it’s one of the most visited websites.

There are several online streaming sites nowadays that have a lot of cartoons available, just like this site. Thanks to the internet, by viewing and uploading cartoons anytime and anywhere, one can ease the good days of childhood.

However, it is an excellent platform for watching and downloading cartoons and anime shows.

The platform shares unauthorized links to these cartoons and anime and is thus known as a website for piracy. So let’s move on to the overview of this site where we’d tell you more interesting details. To know more about it, just stay tuned till the end.

What is CartoonCrazy?

This is also one of hundreds of websites that allow you to stream and download popular cartoons and anime, just like the Gogoanime website. The site includes the new and old links to download cartoons and anime. And all this wonderful cost-free streaming and downloading service.

You can find an easy and easy gui on its web to explore without any misunderstanding. The layout of the web is very catchy and easily accessible for those little ones too. This is convincing because, through its incredible content list, it will occupy your child for hours.

CartoonCrazy website

You’ll see a line on the home page categorizing the types of content it offers. Like the list of cartoons, Anime Dubbed, and choose the genre. And below this line, you’ll see a list divided by categories, including the recently uploaded content list, on the left side of the page. New cartoon shows, new anime series, new episodes, etc.

Moreover, you can navigate trending shows quickly on the right side of the screen. This site provides high quality online cartoons and anime shows. You can download entire episodes for free online as well.

But, being a free streaming and downloading resource for cartoons and anime, it is also true that it is a website for piracy. The website is no longer available since it has been blocked in India, according to government-strict anti-piracy laws.

This site continues to exchange ties to illicit content through different domains. At present, via this Cartooncrazy net, it is being shared.

Since any new series on this website or links previously uploaded are illegal. It is a non-licensed website which, without the concern of the original owner, provides download links. And it is also subject to copyright problems.

In addition, streaming your favorite movies offers free access. It utilizes advertisements from third parties that contain spam files and malware. And, for further use, these corrupted files can damage or hurt your computer.

You should think as to whether or not Cartooncrazy is safe to use. Well, as the website is stable, you do not have to worry about anything. It has millions of active website traffic, so without any stress, you can easily use the website.

On their side, the website displays advertising to raise revenue to maintain servers. But you might have to watch these commercials before the video begins.

CrazyCartoon is not legitimate, just like any other free website, since they do not own any of the material they post on their website. It also breaches the problems of copyright and the website may be shut down in the future.

Such pages are still under the radar, so to avoid being caught, they change their domain name. So, to avoid facing some kind of problem, you need to remember these things.

Another significant thing to remember is that our government is already being abused. Therefore, given the laws and prohibitions, it is best to avoid this sort of website. Using legal sites for viewing and uploading films instead.

So that nobody suffers from corrupted files, neither you from unnecessary punishment nor your computer.

Since torrent sites in India and many other countries are prohibited, .com domains of such websites are also not available because they are blocked. But, using mirror links below, you can still reach websites like

  • cartooncrazy.vk

Alternatives to CartoonCrazy

Watch Cartoon Online

It is one of the top websites for all fans of weird cartoons and anime. From their large array of cartoons, anime clips, videos, TV shows, and movies, the user gets a big option to choose from. A premium platform and one of the pioneers of online cartoon networks, WatchCartoonOnline is primarily an anime and cartoon streaming site.

In addition, WatchCartoonOnline has become a leading worldwide source of online cartoon content. With excellent dubbing and subtitles, one can enjoy watching their favorite cartoon or show.

Friendly, well-structured, and transparent is the gui. The best thing about Watch Cartoon Online is that your collection can be made online and added as your favorite as well. You can also subscribe to every new episode or upcoming season to get news.


Toon Jet is just right for you if you are searching for a decent online source for discovering classic collections of cartoons. At absolutely no cost, it has the best cartoon content online. In addition, to watch your favorite shows, you don’t need to sign-up. Old classic shows including Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Betty Boop, and others can be found.


It is another streaming website for cartoons that is very popular among individuals. If you are looking for a customized cartoon website, Kiss Cartoon is an awesome alternative. Even without registering, one can watch cartoons and anime, and if you register, you will be notified of any new content, anime, or preview of your favorite new show.

All episodes on the website are cost-free and are routinely graded according to their niches, offering outstanding user experience. The only downside of Kiss Cartoon is the small availability of displays, as ads fill both sidebars.

Otaku Stream

Are you looking for a website for cartoons that will allow you to stream your favorite show without downloading it? If so, then Otaku Stream is the best place for you to fulfill its function without any problems.

The community-based website for anime streaming allows users to comment or even order any anime videos or series to be viewed. The best thing about this website is that it provides you with a Light & Dark feature that you can choose depending on day and night.

As it hides all the advertising on the homepage, the website is considered to have the best user interface and user experience. You can sign up using Facebook or Twitter on the website.


When it comes to quality content, this website for cartoon streaming stands out. Yeah, for high quality content, this is one explicit online platform that you can rely on. Classic shows such as Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Rick and Marty and other famous shows can be found.

In addition to the unique selection of classic cartoons, the new collections can be found as well. The interface is simple to understand, and the website can be used without any trouble by anyone.


Another version of is the domain, which is listed in the above list of sites like KissCartoon. Thanks to its simplistic nature, this page is easy to browse through all the movies and animated series. Smooth and elegant is the gui.

To give you the best experience, the platform offers the new and most recommended movies. You can watch various video quality cartoons ranging from 240p to 720p or even 1080p. What separates this website from others is that you also get an opportunity at zero cost to download any show or cartoon.

Just in case it is not available on the website, one can also put in a request for a particular episode. The platform is very user-friendly and mobile-friendly, and to find the cartoon series of your choosing, you can easily navigate the site.


To CartoonCrazy, the best alternative is Anime Toon. The incredibly simple and quick user interface makes this website user-friendly and easily accessible. It is one of the most famous websites that has several series of cartoons & animated series dubbed.

You can find animated movies available in all genres, such as action, adventure, comedy, and others. If it is not accessible on the site, the website also provides its users with the option to request a cartoon show.

Apart from this, related streaming recommendations are also provided to users.


One of the best alternatives to KissCartoon is the AnimeRhino website. AnimeRhino can sound anime-oriented, but it includes cartoons as well.

On this platform, there are cartoons, anime series, cartoon films, and anime films offered as choices from which you can pick the type of content that you want to watch.

The web has a standard interface and is open to the eyes, making it easy to browse for your cartoon option. You can download it via links given by the site if you want to watch the cartoon later. You will watch high-quality online cartoons.

Also, without registering for free on this platform, you can download cartoons on all devices and apps.

Cartoons On

Cartoons On provides users with a large range of cartoons, including the old and new cartoons. Quite regularly, the user is redirected to other websites, which makes the experience boring.

But still, in countries like the Netherlands, the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, with approximately 5 million traffic per month, this website is among the most common KissCartoon alternatives.

You can use Studio, Character, Show, and Series to filter the content. There is also a blog on this site where you can learn about such subjects related to cartoons and animations.

You can also stream all-time animated movies, from the original “Thumbelina” to some new releases, “The Good Dinosaur.” Last but not least, you can also search for the cartoon directly through the home page search tab.

And assume that there are a certain number of legal ways to safely download cartoons. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and so on are some of them. These will cost you a monthly or annual subscription, but the best safe choice will prove to be these.

All of the choices listed above share proprietary content and have all of their uploaded links approved. You can access a vast selection of cartoons and films from their collections.

They also have a smartphone app to watch movies anywhere you want and download them. Both of them legally share over thousands of the most recent and trending cartoons.

Those options are legal, free, and often accessible on any computer connected to the Internet.


Hulu is another great platform focused on subscriptions that allows you to stream different movies. Alternatively, if you want free content, it is also available on the website. But you may get access to only limited content. You can also watch over 100 free movies and television shows.

Other than that, it also has Android and Ios applications. While not in all countries, it is accessible. This site is one of the top sites for online streaming of the new movies or shows.


When it comes to legally downloading movies and showing cartoons, it is the main video streaming site. In many different languages, it offers movies, TV shows and short films. Netflix originals such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, Black Mirror, Tales of Desire, Terrified Playing, Narcos, and many others can be viewed.

In addition, you don’t have to pay at once. You’re going to get a free one-month trial. After that, when selecting one of the three subscription plans, you can continue watching: regular, standard, and premium.

Each plan will provide you with various features and limits for watching movies and shows.

In addition, several telecom and internet companies such as Airtel offer 3-months of free Netflix subscription. Its simple Rs.199 plan allows you to stream videos at 480p quality. One of the best legal choices for streaming and viewing movies and television shows is Netflix.


If you’re searching for a legal streaming platform for online cartoons, then Nickelodeon is the ideal alternative. This is certainly one of the best websites available online for watching cartoons.

The best thing about this website is that it offers a wide range of cartoons to its users that are shown on its TV channel. SpongeBob, Square Pants, The Fairly Unusual Parents and others are some of the most famous shows that you can find here.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is true to its motto, “Where Magic Begins.” If you want some classic cartoons for your little one to enjoy, then Disney Junior is right for you. The website enables one to enjoy classic hits like Mickey Mouse and others that are thrilling. Disney Junior’s user interface is simple and easy to understand. One can search for their favorite cartoons quickly and find them.

Cartoon Network

This is one platform that doesn’t need any introduction. If you were a mad person in a cartoon, you’d know about the Cartoon Network. Even before the advent of the internet, it was regarded as one of the best cartoon networks, and the Cartoon Network digital edition is equally fine.

The entire episodes of the cartoon shows that were broadcast on his TV channel can be viewed. An amazing selection of cartoon shows & games is offered by the online portal.


No one may reject the free CartoonCrazy unlimited series and movie download service. In almost every genre and category, their impressive selection of material. Even though we should not overlook that it illegally provides content. And it is a criminal offense to use pirated content.

Therefore, when using its facilities, we should not take action.

This article contributes to educational content and still does not advocate piracy content. Rather, it values the work of artists and recommends that you use legal alternatives. Thank you very much for the quality of your time.

We do not have any form of video downloads and do not allow you to use the above website because your machine might be harmed and Indian laws are already violated.

Does CartoonCrazy website have an App?

CartoonCrazy website has not yet reached these unfamiliar waters. For any device, there is no app available yet. Users can only visit places to view videos free of charge online.

Will I be able to open CartoonCrazy anywhere?

For some security and copyright reasons, several countries have blocked CartoonCrazy .com, but with the aid of a safe and stable VPN, you can still surf at your own risk.

Is CartoonCrazy a Good Kissanime Alternative?

CartoonCrazy is a good KissAnime alternative. It is a free platform and a huge variety of cartoons and anime videos are available along with subs and dubs.

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