Agents of SHIELD (7×10) Stolen Review

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Synopsis: The team arrives back in 1983, where Nathaniel and Kora are hard at work building an army; Daisy is tasked with protecting Jiaying; the others learn they’ll need to face another supercharged enemy to stop Malick. (IMDb)

Stolen starts off with Nathaniel Malick recruiting a young John Garrett (John Paxton) at a bar. Meanwhile back at the Lighthouse, Deke’s recruits formally joined the SHIELD academy while the timeline continued to be accelerated. The timedrive, since the repair, wasn’t quite functioning but with Malick on the loose, they would need to take care of him first. The first step was to bring Jiaying to the Lighthouse (but dancing around Daisy and the future will be tough).

Malick brought Garrett to Afterlife to show him his future (thanks to Sybil and some other various SHIELD rejects he rescued). There, Malick continued his harvesting on those Inhumans. Meanwhile, the news that Daisy had a sister was a disruption (though it appeared that Kora may not be such a lost cause). Sousa encouraged her that he should take advantage of the time she had with Jiaying (who was becoming increasingly frustrated while shielded from the truth). He pushed them together which got Jiaying to open up about her and her relationship with Kora. She also helped Daisy to understand her relationship with her mother (Jiaying obviously didn’t know she was).

Coulson got dropped into Afterlife thanks to a young Gordon (Fin Argus) to do some recon but Malick was there when he arrived. Coulson’s sort of reunion with Garrett was interesting as he was caught up with their future. Garrett was also being administered some of Gordon’s blood for the purpose of giving him powers and he got the power to teleport. Malick used that so he could get into the Lighthouse (though Garrett didn’t quit have a mastery of his powers just yet). They were presumably after Jiaying. May and Garrett fought followed by Malick and Daisy. He told Jiaying that Daisy was her daughter (Daisy didn’t tell her) which explained a lot. She tried to protect Daisy until Malick killed her.  Meanwhile, Coulson’s absence was cause for concern so Mack and Yo-Yo went after him (Gordon didn’t make it) and they saved the Inhuman hostages.

Back at Afterlife, Coulson found Kora as the others ventured back to the Lighthouse. In fact, all that Malick wanted was Simmons (Garrett took her) and the zephyr. Miraculously, Deke just happened to be on board working on the time drive (Malick and Garrett didn’t know that).

The theme of Fitz got brought up again big time here as when pressed about being distraught about him in the last episode, Simmons pretty much didn’t remember though it got her thinking. She thought Fitz was controlling the time drive but that may not have been the case. It may have been a malfunction. Simmons conceded that Fitz may be dead (though that idea isn’t the craziest).

The last scene was on the zephyr where Malick explained that they wanted Simmons so she could lead them to Fitz. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that he was the key to everything.

So the season is just leading up to Fitz and him saving the day? This seems promising with only 2 episodes left in the series but it surely has one more trick up its sleeve before the end. The timeline has been fickle to say the least so whatever impact that has will be worth looking forward to for sure.

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